It Chooses You, book review

I recently finished reading Miranda July’s book, It Chooses You, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  The author has hit a writing roadblock while struggling to finish her well overdue movie script.  Lying around her suburban area home in sunny LA she starts reading the PennySaver ads.  For writing inspiration, she gets the bright idea to call the individuals advertising in the wanted ads.  She asks them if she can interview them about their lives.  Many people hang-up the phone on her but she comes across a few people who are not only willing but happily invite her to their home.  She gets a glimpse inside these people’s lives and discovers one common trait among them all- none of them own or even know how to use a computer.   The year is 2009.

She discovers how easily people are happy with very little material items in their lives.  She begins to realize everybody has a s story worth telling that is interesting, no matter how small or how little they have.  She finishes her script and even incorporates one of her interviewees into her movie.  Creating characters was not hard once she realized we are all characters making our own fictional stories on a daily basis.  You do not have to look very far for inspiration; you just need to get creative.

I would give it 4/5 stars.


One comment

  1. countingducks

    This sounds like a pretty interesting book, and the person in the book sounds like someone I would relate to. Trust you to highlight just the kind of read I most enjoy

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